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It was at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin in 2006 that the whole world held its breath and watched people...flying. Flying above the Olympic Stadium with skis or snowboards, and possibly for a moment, believing that man’s dream of flying may have finally come true. At the time, Aerodium was still a very new business in Latvia, and the wind tunnel at the Olympic Games in Turin was a giant adventure. The employees had set up a wind tunnel in Sigulda the previous summer, mostly to entertain tourists, and then they received a request from the organisers of the Games, who were looking for a similar technology. The young men at Aerodium were still only exploring the possibilities and learning how to fly themselves, but they nevertheless went all out to prepare a short video clip and sent it to Italy. They soon received a reply: if they could repeat the same stunts live, the organisers of the Games wanted to cooperate with them!




Ivars Beitāns, chairman of the board


Aerodium Technologies
Aerodium Technologies

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