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D8 currently has 10 different product lines providing cutting-edge payment software and solutions to banks and other financial institutions with comprehensive support services. The company also works closely with the worlds largest FinTec company, FIS on payment card processing.

Yet, despite the interconnected, tehnologically-driven nature of modern society, it is direct, personal connections and face-to-face meetings that surface time and again as a major element in D8 Corporation's success and Juris' own personal story.

“We had a situation with a client in the Dominican Republic where, once a month, their system would slow down as everyone made deposits and withdrawals on payday. Technically you could handle it from Riga, but you have to prove to management that you are committed to finding the solution and that's difficult if you are not on site,” explains Juris.

Export Markets

Belarus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, USA, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Baiba Mileiko

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