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Their strength lies in their ability to shape reality, even if it does not yet their ability to create a feeling of presence in places that are thousands of kilometres away...or even in the future. During the six years of its existence, Giraffe Visual has fulfilled over a thousand orders, from virtual tours for hotels and real estate projects – both existing and those still in the planning stage – to touchscreen presentations and applications for virtual reality headsets that let the user feel the future as clearly as if it were the present. Among Giraffe Visual’s biggest clients are the international Hilton and Radisson hotel chains, as well as Viking Line, YIT, and CBRE – one of the world’s largest real estate companies. Giraffe V isual’s advantages are experience (it has invested tens of thousands of hours in developing its products), flexibility, speed, and caring for the client. Even though everyone claims to care for their clients, Giraffe Visual truly takes this aspect of their work very seriously. From a small student-created business, Giraffe V isual has grown into a company that has steadily doubled its turnover every year, eventually becoming a leader in Northern Europe in creating interactive visualizations. Opelts made the decision to start the business in just a matter of seconds – because he was convinced that such a service would be in demand. And, over time, as digital technologies have rapidly developed, the service has indeed become a practically indispensable component in several business industries.





Mikus Opelts, CEO

Giraffe Visual
Giraffe Visual

Export Markets

Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bermuda, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, USA, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Lāsma Baikova 

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