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The Latvian company Staļi, which currently exports more than 80% of its output, was established in 1993. And it began very modestly, at first only producing and exporting sawn lumber. The early 1990s were not an easy time for the new business, or for the Latvian economy, which had only just begun to develop independently. A business had to prove itself and endure a variety of difficulties; on the other hand, this gave it some necessary hardening and a chance to stand the test of whether it was able to successfully overcome obstacles, solve complicated situations, and develop itself. Staļi’s export business quickly increased after it expanded its range of products because the European market demands variety in the window and door business. Staļi proved that it could manufacture new products at a very high level of quality, and clients appreciated this fact. By working intensely and gaining new clients, the business began to experience rapid growth and progress. Flexibility and quality are one thing, but the main factor in Staļi’s success is the company’s management and team of employees, who all cooperate effectively in order that the business can continually move forward.





Sanita Stīpniece, executive director


Export Markets

France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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